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On the Rise Winners presented by Wix Playground

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We make films to share
the talent and stories of everyday
street musicians & emerging artists

Currently based in New York City & Barcelona


We firmly believe in the power of art being shared in public space for all passersby as one of the key characteristics of any busy metropolis.
We're here to give buskers the platform and recognition they deserve.


We have expanded our vision to not only include street musicians and performers but also emerging artists that haven't yet made the splash we know they can make in the music industry. We're just getting started in Barcelona scouting for new talent.




“I really appreciate what Street of Sound is doing. I enjoy watching their content, which spotlights different talented performers on the street. When I had an issue with park rangers/police harassing me and other street performers, Street of Sound was the one who helped me to make a petition and to raise awareness about the situation. What they do means a lot to keep street art alive.”

-Kanami, NYC street performer
known as Let Hair Down

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