About Us

Street of Sound is a video documentary project that showcases the talent that everyday street musicians and emerging artists have with the world. We aim to share not only musical talent but also the personal stories of musicians, and provide them with the platform and audience they deserve.


Our Story

This project was born during the Covid-19 pandemic, when all of the cultural venues New York City usually thrives from, closed down. We started seeing more musicians and performers sharing their art in public space, and we sought to shine a light on their art through high quality recordings.


Musicians have always shaped the very identity of cities, and brought cultural value that is often overlooked, misused, and very poorly regarded. 

We want to change that.

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Meet the Team

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"What makes me most excited about this project is that it brings together all of my passions:
art, music, cities, and film."

Matias is a documentary filmmaker and photographer passionate about the intersection between cities and art in public space, and a graduate of Communications from the University of Lima, Perú. At Street of Sound, his roles range from being a filmmaker, sound and video editor, and project manager, all while scouting for busker and emerging talent.

Co-founder and Filmmaker 



"I love being able to hear buskers' stories who, despite the hardship they face, continue bringing so much life and joy to the city."

Ana is a multidisciplinary designer interested in community-based design, with a passion for illustration, urban sketching, and communication design. She is a graduate of Parsons School of Design, where she studied Integrated Design & Global Studies, with a focus on social impact design. At Street of Sound, she designs all social media posts, designs the brand identity (like this very website), and loves getting to meet new buskers and emerging musicians.

Co-founder and Designer 


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Yes, we really are a two-person team.
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